A Design Philosophy

It is strange that humans have so much facility to complicate the simple, when it is in the simplest things where we find true happiness, the scent of a flower, the silence of silence, the infinity of stars...

This thought gives me the freedom to delve into these simple things, concentrate on their details, reflect on the concepts that levitate around them, focus on what is really important and let go of the accessory and irrelevant.

It is not about proposing a simple style, or reducing everything to the minimum, it is rather a scale where you balance elegance and delicacy, where remove or add elements until obtainthat subtle harmony.

It is not easy to design simplicity. You need to discover and understand the essence of something and also give up and dispense with the natural desire to include unnecessary decorative elements.

Simplicity appears in my jewelry when the result is an honest expression of the essence of the concept that inspires a collection. Having that focus, that purity and that clarity to find the true beauty in one of my pieces, makes my day.

Claudia. Founder of Coma®.

Delicate and Fine Handmade Jewelry

I have never sought to describe my jewelry, I have always considered that extremely subjective....

However I love hearing, without saying a word, how others do describe it. Little by little, over the years some comments have become recurring.

Unintentionally, at the end of the day, what one does means and excites, this is something you can suggest but not determine it. 

I work with delicacy, respecting metal and avoiding what I think is too much. I want the resulting piece to be able to demonstrate the reflection of the design process and the care in the use of the technique. 

So when people consider my work, well done, fine, delicate ... That makes me proud!

Claudia. Founder of Coma®.